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The Surge

In this compelling pandemic romance, Shelby and Simon continue their quest to fight the virus. They travel the world to find solutions, and even find themselves along the way. Throughout their journey, they overcome obstacles, both in the pandemic and in their relationship. It turns out that the original pandemic is only the beginning of the impending obstacles for humanity. As the virus consumes more lives and global unrest grows, these two infection disease physicians must navigate the complexities of life and romance during a global crisis.

In this heated sequel of the Wave Books series, Shelby has an accident that causes her to experience partial memory loss of her relationship with Simon. Now, they must not only fight the virus, but also take on the daunting task of rebuilding their relationship. When everything seems to finally be coming together with their relationship, mother nature has another surprise for them. Will Simon be lost this time? Will Shelby lose her second chance of love? Will she be able to overcome it this time? Will our world recover from the devastation the virus has caused? How many lives can be saved? Filled with drama, passionate romance, and a unified mission to liberate humanity from a deadly virus, "A Second Wave: The Surge" is a must-read masterpiece of contemporary fiction.

The Tide is Rising


You will be emotionally invested in these characters. The world events happening around them, the people they meet, the places they go, the scenarios they are challenged with are unique but so relatable compared to any other book. Sometimes I forget this is fiction...I want to go find them and have a face to face discussion with them 😆as if this book is happening "now" and you need a daily update on what's new in their lives, if they've heard the latest news, and what they're going to do about it...I CAN'T wait to read the third book. I can only imagine...
adi12220, Amazon
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