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The Survival

In the third installment of the Wave series, Lisa Marie Meadows delivers more action, passion, and drama. The virus is still raging, but there is hope on the horizon. A vaccine offers comfort and the possibility of normalcy. But now Simon and Shelby travel to the UK where the virus is still surging. Get ready to embark on a journey with them as this thrilling series moves towards its conclusion.

When the story begins, Simon escapes the Hurricane with some injuries and is reunited with Shelby in New York. They spend some down time working, relaxing, and building their relationship. A Vaccine has been developed and they have a new path to help with the Vaccination rollouts. They start in the UK as a new variant has also emerged, causing a race against time to save more lives against a more infectious variant. While in the UK, Shelby and Simon see Simon's parents. They have their first Christmas together and Simon proposes. Is this the beginning of a perfect happily-ever-after? Or is it too good to be true? Get ready to dive into this one-of-a-kind pandemic romance and find out.

A Hope is Awakened

"This author has written the impossible! A Covid Romance novel with suspense that won’t let you put it down but best of all it’s current events mixed with life experiences you’ll be able to resonate with making this the ultimate representation of modern-day reading. Enjoy."

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