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Dr Shelby Stone and Dr Simon Wellington work together. As renowned infectious disease physicians they are called upon to assist in the pandemic. Starting in China using their model for analyzing the virus and providing guidance to the Country. Before they can finish they are urgently called to Italy to not only help stabilize the viral surge but help the hospitals as attending physicians to care for patients suffering from the virus. While in Italy and their romance continues to blossom, Shelby is called home to care for her brother. The pandemic continues to surge in other countries hitting home in New York. They both assist in New York and deal with losses of patients on a global scale. They also learn the support from the City that is shown with a demonstration for them. While dealing with their emotional past, a pandemic and a romance Shelby has to make a decision that could change both of their lives forever. Shelby and Simon have to part as she goes to Brazil as he continues the fight in the United States. As she drives off a crash is heard and Simon sees smoke. Running panicked that it may be Shelby, when he reaches the accident she is no where to be found. He only finds the blue box with blood that contained the charm he had made for her.

A First Wave: The Emergence (1) (The Waves)

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